1396294699-150x99Greater Philadelphia Church of Christ
Welcome to the Greater Philadelphia Church of Christ! We are a Bible-focused, non-denominational family of believers reaching out to our city with the love of God.



ICOC Campus Ministries



1398975463-150x101Discipleship Makers
Lesson and resources for making a person into a Disciple of Christ.



2486787-150x60Disciples Today
Disciples Today is an excellent resource for information and stories about our churches around the world.



9790864HOPE Worldwide
HOPE worldwide is a non-profit agency that works around the globe to bring hope to the sick and suffering of the world. Together, we have helped many people through hardship and sickness, and we will do much more in the future. Go to www.hopeww.org to find out more.



13203634691-150x40ICOC Hotnews
Spreading good news from churches all over the world.



13203638261-150x119HOPE For Kids
We work with today’s youth – teaching them, caring for them and encouraging them through programs in education, leadership and much more. With positive relationships and experiences, today’s children can be tomorrow”s heroes.